Your medical check-up

Votre bilan santé
is a weekly program broadcast on TéléMag throughout Quebec on Saturdays at 6:30 pm. Led by Dominique Bélanger, it deals with various medical topics of concern to the entire population: ADHD, endocrinology, speech therapy, back and neck problems, sleep apnea, health check, corporate medicine, urology, fertility , Alzheimer’s disease, type 1 diabetes and organ donation. Check out our shows, columns and podcasts on this page or on YouTube. 

Week 1 | The importance of a medical check-up

This week, we meet with David Blondeau, Dr. Gilles Brisson and Vincent Comtois.

Week 2 | Corporate Medicine

This week we discuss the benefits for a business executive of offering his employees access to a doctor, along with Mr. Normand Pepin. We have David Blondeau, who talks about the financial benefits of having healthy employees, and Dr. Gilles Brisson comes to inform us about the different analyzes available in the laboratory.

Week 3 | Back and neck pains

This week we are discussing back and neck pain. We have Dr. Rémi Nader, neurosurgeon and founder of the Texas Center for Neurosciences, and Dr. Dominique Dufour, chiropractor, D.C. at Clinique Chiro-Solutions.

Week 4 | Orthopedics

This week we are discussing orthopedics with Dr. Jacques Toueg, orthopedic surgeon and owner of the Institute of Specialized Surgery in Montreal. Weight loss in women with Vincent Comtois, physical trainer, naturopath and ATP VP. and hypertension with Isabelle Lessard, pharmacist at Familiprix.

Week 5 | Fertility

This week we discuss fertility with Dr Roland Tremblay, Endocrinologist, and Dr. Gilles Brisson, President and Scientific Director of the BNK Laboratory, and pregnancy with Louise-Andrée Marceau, pharmacist at Familiprix.

Week 6 | Andropause et menopause

This week we discuss menopause and andropause with Dr. Roland Tremblay, endocrinologist, and health travel with Isabelle Lessard, pharmacist. And our VOX POP is: For you, the work / family balance is …

Week 7 | Children delays and language disorders

This week we discuss delays and speech disorders during childhood with Karine Ross, Speech-Language Pathologist at Orthophonie Comm’Unik. Accompanied by Maély and Charlotte, Karine will give an overview of the activities she can do in consultation. We also discuss seasonal allergies with Louise-Andrée Marceau, pharmacist.

Week 8 | Sleep Apnea

This week, we discuss sleep apnea with Dr. Jean Roy, Coordinator of the Sleep Apnea Clinic, in Lacroix Medical Clinic Network. In our column your pharmacist informs you, Caroline Beaulieu, pharmacist, gives us tips to promote a better sleep. And Vincent Comtois, physical trainer and vice-president of ATP, talks about the different moments to train to get the desired results.

Week 9 | Alzheimer

This week we are discussing Alzheimer’s disease with Dr. Rémi Bouchard, Neurologist and Director of the Interdisciplinary Memory Clinic of the CHU de Québec. Dietary supplements are being demystified with Vincent Comtois, fitness trainer, Ultra Performance, and ATP vice president. Caroline Beaulieu, pharmacist, gives us tips to stay healthy for a long time.

Week 10 | Blood donnors

This week we are discussing blood donation with the spokesperson of HÉMA QUÉBEC, Mr. Laurent Paul Ménard. In our Familiprix chronicle, we discuss the digestive system from one end to the other, with Caroline Beaulieu, a pharmacist. Our co-host, Dominique Bélanger, will take on a challenge in the coming months to get back into shape and a desired weight. This week, see the first part of his consultation with his private trainer, Vincent Comtois, physical trainer and vice-president of ATP.

Week 11 | Type 1 diabetes

This week, we discuss type 1 diabetes with Dr. Marc Lacroix, Mayabelle Marchand, age 9, and her mother, Corine Bélanger. In our Familiprix chronicle, we discuss diabetes with Sophie Di Gaetano, a pharmacist. And our co-host, Dominique Bélanger, who takes up a challenge to get back into shape and a desired weight, presents the second part of his consultation with his private trainer, Vincent Comtois, physical trainer and vice-president of ATP.

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