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Our business services lead to several benefits such as reducing the absenteeism rate, better human resources management and improving employee productivity in the work environment. Our prevention programs and personalized action plans focused on patient health issues make Lacroix Médecine Privée a partner of choice for your well-being and that of your employees.


By placing the health of your employees at the center of your priorities, you will notice a return on investment which will take the form of an increase in overall motivation within the team, better employee retention, better utilization time and therefore better profitability.


Lacroix Médecine et Chirurgie Privée works in collaboration with prevention mutuals, insurance companies, law firms, government organizations and businesses to help them with the health of their workers.

More than 2,000 Quebec companies of all sizes, small family companies, medium-sized businesses and multinationals, do business with Lacroix Médecine Privée to ensure rapid, quality health care for their employees. Because investing in the well-being of its staff, for a company, pays off.

The Lacroix solution

for businesses

Our corporate health packages guarantee:


    • Access to all of our services in less than 24 working hours* in our provincial network which has 14 clinics, two 100% private operating theaters and a private laboratory where your analyzes are carried out very quickly.


    • Making appointments 24/7 via our call center and the direct corporate line, with agents specially trained to meet the needs of businesses.


    • Quick access to private surgery in our operating theaters in Laval and Quebec.


    • Rapid return on investment, with better retention of good employees who value rapid access to top-notch healthcare; gives you an important argument for recruiting good people.


  • No administrative fees or file opening fees.


*Exceptions may occur.

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Lacroix Médecine Privée forms a vast network of quick-access private clinics that promote a human approach to your health. The friendly and warm atmosphere in which we receive our patients makes Lacroix medical clinics places that stand out in the offering of private health care, both for families and for businesses concerned with ensuring health and well-being. be their staff. Note that although our clinics are welcoming and easily accessible, you can also consult via telemedicine.


In addition to ensuring that you can make a quick medical appointment in family medicine or in a specialty when you need it, our holistic health care practice allows us to effectively address the various problems you face. Beyond the great availability shown by all of our doctors, we also pay great attention to prevention and the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits for the benefit of our patients.


Specialty medicine consultations and services include orthopedics, gynecology, otolaryngology (ENT), urology, allergy, sleep apnea and more!



Quick access to private surgery


The Lacroix network’s private surgery service allows our corporate clients to obtain the surgical treatments they need as quickly as possible. Our operating theaters in Quebec and Laval bring together a large multidisciplinary team made up of nurses, anesthesiologists and surgeons, offering many disciplines under one roof. This allows us to offer a wide range of surgeries, all in a 100% private, high-end, serene environment and with state-of-the-art equipment.


The surgeries offered include general surgery (hernias, cysts, lipomas, hemorrhoids, etc.) orthopedic surgery (shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle, foot), gynecological surgery, neurosurgery (back surgeries , carpal tunnel, etc.), ENT and urology surgery.


Note that no medical prescription is required to make an appointment with our surgeons. However, whether you already have a surgical prescription or not, an initial consultation with our surgeons is always required. This is intended to determine your eligibility or not for surgery and does not in itself constitute a promise of surgery. Our team is dedicated to your health and will redirect you, if necessary, to the right resources to treat your problem.

A medical consultation service


Whether to treat a seasonal virus, manage a mental health problem or see to the possible total replacement of a knee or a hip, or any other health problem, our medical team is made up of general practitioners, specialist doctors and dedicated and passionate surgeons, always ready to receive you and your employees for a medical consultation during which they will take all the time necessary to listen to you and understand the problem that led to the consultation. Our doctors listen to your needs and those of your employees and provide the best care and advice for a rapid and optimal recovery. Our human approach guarantees personalized services, in a confidential and highly professional environment.

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Services offered to businesses:

Pre-employment medical examination

The pre-employment medical examination service has been used for several years by large companies. This service is increasingly popular with all organizations, offering a medical examination followed by a series of tests selected in relation to the type of employment. This service allows the employer to obtain an accurate picture of the state of health of the candidate selected for hiring.


Under certain conditions, an employer is permitted to check the state of health of prospective employees. While such an examination is governed by numerous laws, the large network of the Lacroix Medical Group stands out for its structured information management process, while demonstrating neutrality and professionalism. Our medical team will provide you with its recommendations regarding the candidates’ ability to assume the position to be filled, within 24 working hours.


A complete set of protocols to meet all your needs


Our pre-employment screening services offer a variety of protocols to meet all of your needs, including;


  • Complete medical examination, with or without blood test
  • Drug or alcohol testing
  • Eye exam
  • Audiometry tests
  • Spirometry tests
  • Cardiac Condition Assessment (ECG)
  • X-ray
  • Back examination


Our medical team will be able to identify the tests relevant to your employer objectives by taking into account the job description of your employees. A large set of personalized tests can be carried out in order to properly assess the state of health of each candidate and recommend the best position to them according to their abilities.


Review for your current employees


Our corporate medicine services also offer medical examinations and questionnaires for active staff members. This process allows you to monitor the health of each member of your team on a regular and rigorous basis. This practice makes it possible to detect and prevent the occurrence of occupational illnesses and to reduce absenteeism due to sick leave.

Executive health check

A winning reflex!


The health check is aimed at all business executives and professionals wishing to know the general state of their health. Whether with the aim of alleviating certain concerns relating to genetic heritage or in order to check the appearance of symptoms which may be linked to certain diseases, the health check-up can make it possible to quickly detect certain health problems. The corporate health check is an annual initiative that translates into real investment for your company. Once the results of the laboratory analyzes are available, the doctor produces a summary report which will be given to the patient. This report includes the results of the various tests and recommendations given to the patient.


A service designed according to your needs and expectations


The Lacroix executive health check is primarily focused on disease screening and prevention. It includes in particular:


  • Medical consultations including review of different systems, complete physical examinations and recommendations following test results;
  • Blood samples, among other things for cholesterol and diabetes screening;
  • Blood tests carried out in a private laboratory;
  • An assessment of eating habits by a nutritionist followed by recommendations based on the clients’ objectives and realities;


Our doctors offer a set of tests personalized to each client’s conditions. We can advise you on how to build your tailor-made executive health check protocol according to your specific needs, taking into account your budget and the environment in which your team operates.


Make the annual health check-up a wise habit


We know that your work schedule can often be overloaded, which is why our medical team makes sure to optimize your time spent in our corporate lounges. When you arrive, you will be taken care of by our medical staff and will follow a very structured process. Between your physical and medical tests, you will have access to our corporate lounge which includes a continental breakfast, WiFi and coffee, as well as locker rooms and bathrooms with luxurious showers. This way, you’ll be ready to return to work quickly and hassle-free.

Mental health in business

Daily realities from which no one is safe


One in five Canadians will live with a mental illness in their lifetime. Of this number, half of people who believe they have suffered from depression or anxiety admit to having never consulted a doctor about their medical situation.


Mental health problems that take time to be treated are costly for Quebec businesses. According to the Center for Addiction and Mental Health Canada, the economic burden of mental illness in Canada is estimated at $51 billion annually. This amount includes the costs of medical care, loss of productivity and reduction in quality of life linked to mental health issues.


Empathetic support that focuses on problem solving


The large network of Lacroix Medical Clinics supports employees struggling with a mental health disorder in order to help companies reduce absenteeism generated by this problem. Our multidisciplinary team made up of doctors, nurse practitioners specializing in mental health (IPSSM) and psychologists will work with both the employer and the employee to facilitate the return to work and ensure continued employment. of the worker.

Insurance medicine

Lacroix Médecine Privée’s occupational medicine services also include insurance medicine. Insurance companies use our services to evaluate potential candidates for life insurance. To do this, our nurses and doctors administer a battery of tests and examinations to the patients concerned. This comprehensive service includes:


  • A complete medical examination with a doctor;
  • Completion of a questionnaire by the paramedical team;
  • Blood tests;
  • An ECG at rest and during exercise;
  • Spirometry, vision and hearing tests;
  • Drug testing


Grâce à notre laboratoire privé et à notre collaboration avec d’autres laboratoires privés dans l’ensemble de la province pour l’analyse de spécimens, nous pouvons habituellement remettre les résultats des prélèvements dans les 48 heures suivant votre visite ou celle de vos employés.

Nursing and drug testing

In-company nursing care: quick and easy to access


Our nursing staff can travel to your organization to provide several lines of care. Their presence helps reduce the rate of unmotivated absence while supporting your employees in improving their lifestyle habits. Our nursing team offers several business solutions, for example;

  • Complete health assessment and examination of risk factors related to cardiac problems;
  • Blood screening for cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes;
  • The administration of general vaccines such as those against hepatitis A and B, against tetanus, and of course against the influenza vaccine;
  • Information workshops on topics related to heart disease and nutrition

Employees who have access to nursing follow-ups will be given a health passport, in addition to receiving nutrition and general health advice. As for the employer, he will receive a complete and strictly confidential report which will allow him to assess the overall health of his team. This comprehensive assessment will suggest possible solutions to reduce the risk of sick leave and absenteeism.


A growing number of medical services can now be provided by Quebec nurses. Lacroix Médecine Privée corporate plans offer you privileged access to these services. Enjoy quick access to a multitude of nursing care, such as:

  • vaccination
  • pap test
  • blood sugar test
  • wick change after abscess drainage followed by dressings
  • ear cleaning
  • blood and urine samples
  • diabetes education
  • and more!

A random and rigorous drug testing program


Our random drug and alcohol testing program meets the requirements of transportation laws across Canada (NON DOT) and the United States (DOT). For almost 20 years, the US Department of Transportation (DOT) has required every carrier to adhere to a random testing program. These programs must meet very specific evaluation criteria. Our tests sent to private laboratories ensure a flawless chain of custody in the event of a positive screening. A doctor is always involved in the review process.


If your company also has a policy regarding drug or alcohol consumption at work, know that we can support you in these situations. Our tests can detect the presence of several drugs, such as amphetamine, cannabis, cocaine, opiates and methamphetamine. The administration of the tests is done quickly and in a strictly confidential manner. Analysis results are usually transmitted in less than 48 hours.

Medical Expertise

Medical expertise at the service of employers


Corporate medical expertise aims to obtain the necessary information to help the employee remain at work or to determine when the employee will be able to return to their duties. It is also used to obtain information about the employee’s abilities, functional limitations and restrictions. It also aims to propose adequate adaptation measures.


The expertise is often carried out:

  • when an employee returns to work following sick leave and there is concern about their ability to perform their duties;
  • when the period of sick leave exceeds biomedical standards;
  • when the disability does not seem justified;
  • in order to know the best way to adapt to the employee’s illness, accident or incapacity.


The purpose of medical expertise is to provide information to a third party and is usually intended to contribute to the resolution of a dispute or to allow a decision-maker to exercise his or her judgment. The opinion of an expert doctor can be used in several situations within a company, such as:


  • Specify and issue a diagnosis;
  • Establish the consolidation date;
  • Evaluate the return to work date;
  • Determine functional limitations;
  • Rule on the permanent attack on physical and psychological integrity;
  • Express an opinion on the relationship between an injury and the cause of the accident;
  • Pronounce on short, medium and long term predictions.




Although your doctor will brief you on the procedures, there are several ways to properly prepare for an evaluation with one of our expert doctors. To begin, after having fully understood all the details of the file, you must appoint an expert doctor according to the necessary specialty. Once the appointment has been made, you will need to write a clear and precise mandate containing all your specific questions. If necessary, you will also need to ask the expert to sign a consent form for the medical examination.


Get the care, prescriptions and medical advice you and your employees need with Lacroix telemedicine services. Our doctors are available remotely by telephone or video conference depending on the reason for consultation and your preference. Rest assured that Lacroix telemedicine offers the same level of discretion and security as in-person consultations in our clinics.




To get started, you must contact our customer service team by telephone to obtain an appointment time. This call to make an appointment can be made at any time of the day or night. Afterwards, the steps vary depending on the type of telemedicine: teleconsultation or videoconsultation.


If the consultation is by telephone, one of our secretaries will contact the person wishing to consult at the scheduled appointment time to put them in touch with the doctor.


If the consultation is video, an electronic email is sent with a web link through which the person can connect at their appointment time. She must connect 15 minutes in advance from a device (tablet, cell phone or computer) with a functional camera. To maximize consultation time with the doctor, we strongly recommend preparing all relevant documents (photos, prescriptions, etc.) in advance. At the scheduled time, the doctor will log in to begin the video consultation.

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