Gynecological surgery

Gynecological surgery

with Dr. Lionel-André Isoard

Dr. Lionel Isoard completed his training as a gynecologist-obstetrician and gyneco-obstetrical sonographer as an extern, resident and then head of clinic in the university hospitals of Lyon, France, until 2001.


He then practiced for ten years in a private establishment at the Polyclinique du Beaujolais in Villefranche-sur-Saône in France, then until 2011 at the Saint-Eustache hospital in the Laurentians where he was head of the local department. then regional for 5 years.


Dr. Isoard specializes in gynecological ultrasounds of the pelvis and all stages of pregnancy, as well as minimally invasive gynecological surgeries (laparoscopies and hysteroscopies). His values ​​are respect for patients, simplicity, quality of care, personalized listening and availability, which is why he has chosen to put his skills at the service of patients at the Lacroix private clinics in Laval, Boucherville and Quebec.

Dr Isoard gynécologue chirurgien

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Pathologies treated in

gynecological surgeries

Offered Surgeries


  • Vaginal colpotomy (exploration and drainage);
  • Cure of cystocele and/or rectocele;
  • Cure of synechiae by hysteroscopy;
  • Excision of lesion in the uterus;
  • Excision of vaginal septum;
  • Excision of intra-abdominal IUD by laparoscopy;
  • Curettage hysteroscopy;
  • Hysteroscopy uterine curettage dilation;
  • Bilateral ovarian cyst by laparoscopy;
  • Unilateral ovarian cyst by laparoscopy;
  • Diagnostic laparoscopy +∕- tubal patency;
  • Laparoscopy endometriosis;
  • Ovariopexy by laparoscopy;
  • Labiaplasty;
  • Rectocele with sacro-ischiopexy;
  • Laparoscopic bilateral salpingectomy;
  • Uni or bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy by laparoscopy;
  • Tubal sterilization by clips by laparoscopy;
  • Laparoscopic tuboplasty;

A consultation is required before planning a surgical procedure in the operating room.

For the safety of our patients and to prevent the risk of hospitalization as much as possible, we must respect several criteria. First of all, the surgical procedure must be adapted to day surgery. The other two criteria to be met are a BMI (body mass index) less than or equal to 35.0 and an ASA score 1 or 2 maximum).

Dr. Rania Bou Habib

Gynecologist-Obstetrician at our Quebec (Montcalm) clinic

Dr. Rania Bou Habib completed her training in gynecology-obstetrics at the University of Montreal in 2002 and a fellowship in minimally invasive gynecological surgery in Wisconsin in 2003. She served as a professor at the CHUM where she worked until 2007. Recognizing a high demand for vulvo-vagino-plasties (labioplasty, hymenoplasty, clitoroplasty, etc.), she underwent training and obtained certified diplomas in this field. Dr. Bou Habib offers a wide range of services in general gynecology and women’s health at Lacroix.

Her primary goal: “To provide the best medical care and ensure the well-being of her patients”.

Dr. Habib performs labiaplasty, hymenectomy, hymen reconstruction, and vestibulectomy at our operating room in the Berger Medical Center in Quebec.


After the procedure, Lacroix Private Surgery provides its surgery patients who need a day or two of recovery before traveling back home with a fully furnished condo located just across from the Berger Medical Center.


Equipped with two bedrooms with queen-sized beds, a functional kitchen, a living room with a sectional sofa and TV, a spacious furnished balcony, and a full bathroom with a shower, this comfortable condominium can accommodate up to four people during the necessary days of patient recovery before safely returning home.


We now offer the option to split costs into monthly payments in collaboration with Beautifi. Apply in two minutes, without risk or effect on your credit file, by following one of the following links to apply depending on whether your surgery takes place in >> Quebec or >> Laval.

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