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COVID-19 Screening Tests with Lacroix Network

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When the doubt of having COVID-19 looms, rapid action must be taken: the person concerned must take a screening test and completely isolate themselves at least until the negative results are obtained. The wait in this context can quickly become difficult to sustain, especially since in some regions this wait can be several days. It is with this in mind that the Lacroix Clinics network has decided to offer COVID-19 detection tests to their clients. Performed outside of our Quebec and Gatineau clinics by appointment only, Lacroix offers 2 different tests:


  • PCR test (polymerase chain reaction)


  • RADT (rapid antigen detection test) which gives a result in 15 minutes and acts as an indication and whose diagnosis must subsequently be confirmed by a PCR test if the result is positive.
Test de dépistage COVID-19

NEW: Rapid Antigen Screening Tests (TRDA)

For results in just 15 minutes

These tests are intended for anyone who is asymptomatic, or who has no symptoms of a potential COVID-19 infection (loss of smell, cough, fever, muscle pain, etc.). Performed by a nurse using the Panbio ™ device, this test detects the presence of proteins on the surface of the SARS-CoV-2 virus responsible for COVID-19. In just 15 minutes, the antigen test makes it possible to know if a person is “presumed infected” with COVID-19 and thus must quickly isolate themselves to minimize the risk of transmission. However, it is important to specify that a positive result in an antigen test does NOT guarantee that the patient has contracted COVID-19. As Health Canada indicates, if a person tests positive, the diagnosis must be confirmed with a PCR test.


Health Canada emphasizes the importance of confirming the diagnosis using a PCR test:


« Positive results from RADTs [should be considered] as a “presumptive positive” case until a reference nucleic acid-based (PCR) method confirms the positive result. […] As the guidance indicates, these new tests are still being investigated, and their performance characteristics are not yet fully understood.  Viral loads, which are generally high in early disease, are sufficiently above the limit of detection for some antigen tests for the first 5 days of symptoms.  After this initial period, performance decreases rapidly as the viral load starts to decrease. »

PCR Test For COVID-19

For wait-free service and fast results

Designated nurses from the Lacroix network perform the PCR test for COVID-19 screening outside of our following points of service:

  • Quebec at 1000 Chemin Ste-Foy ;
  • Gatineau at 232 Boulevard Saint-Joseph.


Before coming in, please call our customer service (1 855 841-1911) to obtain an appointment date and time. Usually, we are able to receive you no later than the next business day after your call. The fact that the tests are carried out outside of our clinics allows us to maintain our high level of safety by limiting potentially risky contact and travel as much as possible. As usual with the Lacroix network, you will benefit from a human, personalized and above all, secure service.


Regarding the deadlines for obtaining your results, you should know that all of our samples are sent and analyzed in a private laboratory. This allows us to save as much time as possible and deliver your results to you as soon as possible, allowing you to resume your activities as quickly as possible if necessary.


Is this test performed directly at your medical clinics?
No! The PCR test is performed in designated areas outside of our clinics so that the nasal swab is taken drive thru. Our medical secretaries will give you all the information and instructions you need when you make your appointment.
Can we take this test without an appointment?
What are the waiting times for receiving the results?
24 to 48 working hours. All our samples are sent to a private laboratory, in order to ensure maximum efficiency.
If we test positive does that mean we are contagious?
The PCR test can detect contamination with the coronavirus SARS-COV-2 responsible for COVID-19. If your result is positive, it does mean that you are sick and contagious. Full lockdown is therefore required for up to 2 weeks following the end of symptoms.
How is the PCR test performed at the Lacroix network?
Using a Q-tips, the nurse in charge of the sample will look for nasal secretions passing through a nostril. This type of sample has the advantage of being very quick to do and does not require any special preparation on the patient's side.
Is this painful?
Pain for a nasal PCR test is subjective and varies from person to person. Usually, the discomfort is mild to moderate and subsides quickly after the test is complete.
Can anyone request a PCR test from the Lacroix network?
Totally. Some employers deal with us directly to perform PCR testing on their employees in need, but individually anyone can request it. Just give us a call!

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