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The otolaryngologist, also called ENT (an abbreviation for “Ear, Nose, Throat” doctor), is the doctor and surgeon treating diseases and abnormalities of the head and neck area. More specifically, the ENT specialist addresses the diseases of the ear, nose and throat, such as otitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, etc. The ENT is therefore interested in hearing, voice, breathing, sense of smell, taste and balance. At Lacroix Private Medicine, we are fortunate to have on our operating team in Laval Dr. Kim-Loan Vo-Doan, an experienced ENT specialist.


Note that no medical prescription is required to make an appointment with our specialists.




Lacroix’s network of clinics works with several private laboratories for sample analysis. This ensures that companies and individuals can get their analysis results very quickly, usually within 48 hours following their blood tests.

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Why consult an ENT specialist?

The otolaryngologist is involved in the treatment of many diseases. Indeed, since the organs of the ENT sphere can be affected by infections, inflammations, injuries, degeneration or paralysis, a large number of conditions can be treated by this specialist.


Tinnitus, tonsillitis, nasal congestion, voice disturbances, skin lesion on the head or neck, masses on the head or neck, deafness, loss of taste and/or smell, dizziness and balance disturbances, and more.

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Myringotomy (tube placement) in our Laval operating room

Known as a treatment for recurrent ear infections, myringotomy is a common surgical procedure aiming to treat ear infection complications, such as the buildup of purulent fluid in the ear. This surgery involves a small incision in the eardrum, followed by the installation of a tube to relieve pressure and drain fluid. It is a safe and effective solution, with rapid healing and no impact on hearing. It is available for children aged two and over.


We have experienced otolaryngologists (ENT) in Laval ready to provide you with this care, ensuring your child receives effective treatment in a reassuring and professional environment.


For more information about myringotomy and to make an appointment, do not hesitate to contact us.

Type of consultation available in private ENT with Dre Vo-Doan,

otolaryngologist at Lacroix Chirurgie Privée


Deafness, recurrent otitis, dizziness, unilateral peripheral facial palsy, etc.


Nose bleeding, displaced nasal fracture, sinusitis, chronic rhinitis, etc.


Tonsillitis, thyroid nodule, voice change, neck mass, oral lesion, etc.


After the procedure, Lacroix Private Surgery provides its surgery patients who need a day or two of recovery before traveling back home with a fully furnished condo located just across from the Berger Medical Center.


Equipped with two bedrooms with queen-sized beds, a functional kitchen, a living room with a sectional sofa and TV, a spacious furnished balcony, and a full bathroom with a shower, this comfortable condominium can accommodate up to four people during the necessary days of patient recovery before safely returning home.


Through Medicard or Medical Credit, it is possible to finance your surgery. As soon as it is established what exact type of surgery you need as well as the fact that you are a good candidate for the said surgery, a cost estimate is given to you. You can of course pay the bill with one of the major credit cards that we accept, but you can also choose to finance your surgery over a longer term, by applying for financing from one of our partners.


Just go to their website and make your request:

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