Cardiac surgery consultation

Consultation services in Cardiac Surgery

With Dr. Simon Maltais, cardiac surgeon

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Simon Maltais, a highly respected cardiac surgeon with a global reputation for expertise in heart failure, complex valve procedures (including mitral repair and the Ross procedure), and minimally invasive and robotic cardiac interventions, has joined our team. In addition to his surgical work, Dr. Maltais is also recognized as a distinguished author and speaker.

At Lacroix, Dr. Maltais offers consultation and concierge services in cardiac surgery: including pre- and post-operative services, and facilitation of medical tourism in the United States.

Cardiac Surgery Advisory Service, Cardiac Surgery Medical Concierge

This service aims to promote rapid access to cardiac surgery, including complete preoperative evaluation (turnkey), identification of subspecialty surgeons in Quebec if necessary, and identification/reduction of preoperative risk.

For patients who are awaiting public surgery and who want to maximize the chances of success of the upcoming operation, Dr. Maltais can, with his expertise, complementary to the attending physician, provide advice and support that will often make the difference in the overall success of the intervention.

Consultation for second opinion and review of complex cases


It goes without saying that heart surgery is a very important event in a person’s life. Seeking a second medical opinion after being diagnosed with a heart condition requiring surgery is completely normal and should never cause the patient any discomfort. Health professionals are aware that they are not infallible and that what is at stake for the patient is crucial, which is why very few of them will see recourse to a second medical opinion as a questioning of their expertise or their authority.


In a respectful and professional approach, Dr Maltais can proceed to the examination of the diagnosis and to a second evaluation of the patient which, in the end, either will confirm the first diagnosis or, if necessary, will call into question certain parts of it.


The objective is to ensure that we have the most accurate assessment possible of the patient’s state of health in order to determine the most appropriate intervention for him.

Simple or complex sternal reconstruction after surgery

Problems with sternal wounds and/or post-operative acute and chronic sternal pain, post-operative sternal infections, sternal dehiscences and instability.

Postoperative concierge and treatment of specific postoperative complications

For patients who have undergone heart surgery and who are experiencing postoperative complications, in many cases Dr. Maltais will be able to treat the said complications himself, or he will redirect the patient to the best available resource related to the problem, including complex problems. sternal infections and non-unions which can cause chronic pain problems.

Also including leg wounds and chronic donor site pain after bypass surgery: debridement, VAC therapy, antibiotic therapy.

Dr. SIMON MALTAIS, Cardiac Surgeon

Dr. Maltais also holds a doctorate in biomedical engineering from the University of Montreal and is the author of the book Code Bleu, dealing with illness and exhaustion among healthcare professionals. He enjoys an international reputation in the field of heart failure and minimally invasive and robotic approach procedures. A renowned lecturer, he has collaborated on more than 160 scientific publications.

Consultation for personalized preoperative intervention

Longitudinal and personalized follow-up, prevention and treatment of specific problems before and after cardiac surgery.

Wound infection, multimodal pain treatment, inflammation treatment, decreased risk of bleeding, acute and chronic depression, heart failure, frequent readmissions, atrial fibrillation, thromboembolic problems (pulmonary embolism, thrombophlebitis), prolonged recovery and loss of energy-fatigue, malnutrition.

Follow-up after a heart attack and modification of risk factors; neuropsychological optimization and reduced risk of cerebrovascular accidents, pre and postoperative optimization in the elderly, recovery, preservation and optimization of renal function.

Consultation for postoperative and personalized longitudinal follow-up of heart surgery (postoperative concierge concept)

Incorporating and applying the best of conventional and functional medical knowledge – postoperative recovery holistics – see accelerated recovery protocols upon request.

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