Orthopedic Surgery


chirurgie du genou

Orthopedic and musculoskeletal surgery


Your bones and muscles support and transport you. Their complex mechanics allow you to perform everyday gestures. Whether working, playing with children, cooking or playing sports, all of this is made possible thanks to your musculoskeletal system. But for many people, moving can be difficult or painful. There are many causes for that. Diseases, injuries, age, deformities, degenerative conditions, etc. This is where orthopedics comes in.


Orthopedic surgery is a surgical specialization that deals with conditions of muscles, bones, cartilage and tendons. An orthopedic surgeon is skilled in repairing and even reconstructing these often debilitating and painful defects. At Lacroix Private Medicine, we are fortunate to have three experienced orthopedic surgeons on our teams: Dr Emmanuelle Dudon, Dr André-Nicolas Cojocaru and Dr Chérif Tadros.


Note that no medical referral is necessary to have an orthopedic surgery consultation with our specialist doctors.

Services and Fees

Services and Fees



Infiltrations and punctions

Standard infiltration *
Ultrasound guided infiltration *


Carpal tunnel surgery
$1 699
Arthro synovial cyst
$1 499
Dupuytren surgery
$ 2 499 *

Tendon laceration repair

$1 999/ tendon + $399/ tendons
$2 499/ tendon + $499/ tendons
Tendon reconstruction / tendon transfer *
$2 499 to $6 999 depending on transfer type
Finger arthrodesis *
$2 499
CMC thumb osteoarthritis surgery *
$4 499 to $6 499 depending on surgery type


Follow up visit

Infiltrations and punctions

Cortisone infiltration
Punction and cortisone infiltration


Carpal tunnel surgery
$1 700
Arthro synovial cyst
$1 500
Dupuytren surgery
$ 2 500*

Tendon laceration repair

$2 000*
Flexors *
$2500 /tendons + $500/ tendons
Tendon reconstruction / tendon transfer *
$2 500 to $7 000 depending on transfer type
Athrodesis finger *
$2 500
Athrodesis finger *
$2 500
CMC thumb osteoarthritis surgery *
$4 500 to $6 500 depending on surgery type

Our orthopedic surgeons can also perform forensic expertise in orthopedics.

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Minor surgeries available

performed in clinic

  • Carpal tunnel
  • Arthro-synovial cyst
  • Trigger finger
  • Dupuytren’s disease

hand surgery

Dr. Emmanuelle Dudon, orthopedic surgeon, specializes in hand surgeries

Major surgeries

performed in Operating room

  • Shoulder scopy / rotator cuff repair
  • Tennis elbow
  • Hammer toe / plantar fasciitis
  • Ankle ligament reconstruction
  • Achilles tendon repair
  • Bursectomy
  • Carpal canal
  • Dupuytren’s disease
  • Surgery for arthritis of the thumb and wrist
  • Surgery for scaphoid fracture
  • Tendon repair/ reconstruction
  • Neurolysis
  • Tenolysis
  • Knee arthroscopy
  • Plantar plate repair
  • Hallux valgus
  • Hallux rigidus

No medical referral is required. Make an appointment now for a private orthopedic consultation.

PRP Treatments Now Available

With Dr Emmanuelle Dudon, orthopedic surgeon

What is PRP?


Platelet Rich Plasma is collected from a sample of your blood. The latter is treated by centrifugation, using either the RegenLab or Instride technique, to remove as many cellular components as possible and only retain the bioactive molecules specific to the inflammation and repair process. It is therefore a natural treatment and not a synthetic one. It has been used for over 20 years in the treatment of skin and bone pathologies and for a decade in the treatment of tendon, ligament and joint injuries.


How does PRP work?


The 3 main stages in healing an injury are inflammation, repair and remodeling. When a tendon, ligament, or joint is injured by acute trauma or chronic overuse, an inflammatory reaction sets in. The inflammation not only serves to rid the injured area of ​​dead tissue, but it also attracts to the injury site the cells responsible for repairing the injury, among other things, by deposition of new collagen matrix and the presence of growth factors. Poor inflammatory process can lead to poor repair and prevent an injury from progressing to adequate, stable, non-painful final remodeling. The role of PRP is to potentiate this process to optimize healing.


Who are PRP treatments for?


PRP is indicated for adults of all ages, athletic or sedentary.


  • Those who have experienced treatment failure in other treatments.
  • Those who cannot receive oral medication.
  • Those who do not want cortisone treatment, who have had cortisone treatment failure or adverse effects in the past, and those who are intolerant to cortisone.
  • Those who wish to avoid or postpone surgery.


Your first consultation will allow us to find out whether or not you are a good candidate for this treatment. We will also discuss expected success rates and potential side effects.

Contact us for more information or to make an appointment in ultrasound guided infiltration.