Private medical services are tax-free at Cliniques Médicales Lacroix. No administrative or file opening fees will be charged.

Family Medicine

Type of Appointment  
Telemedicine - Medical consultation by phone or video$219All included, tax-free, no file opening fee. The price varies according to the duration of the consultation.
Discovery promo - Appointment for non-member$199All included, tax-free, no file opening fee. First appointment only.
Appointment for non-member – Family medicine$219All included, no tax or file opening fee.
Appointment for non-member at weekend walk-in clinic$219All included, tax-free, no file opening fee.
Annual check-up$549Complete Annual Check-up + follow-up appointment if deemed medically necessary by the doctor, no tax or file opening fee.

Specialty Medicine

Type of AppointmentFirst visitFollow-up visit
Neurology$380 on promotion$195 on promotion
Podiatry$ 85$ 85
PsychiatryFrom $ 595 in promotionFrom $ 149 in promotion
Allergy clinic$ 219$ 99
Cardio-respiratory sleep polygraphy$ 495
Polysomnography$ 1 295

Professional medical procedures

Minor medical procedures 
Ear irrigation$49
Major medical procedures 
Wound suturing$99
Minor surgery$99
Abscess drainage$99
« À la carte » medical procedures 
Baby's circumcision (1 year and under)$449
Circumcision revision$999

Major and minor professional medical procedures are included in the Lacroix plans.

Other services

Nursing services 
Wound suturing$99
Glue for wound$25
Suture removal $25
Dressing change$49
Ear irrigation$49
Wick replacement (4 visits)$99
PAP test$49 1
STBBI screening$79 1
Memory test$49
Ankle brachial index$95
Nurse for blood sample collection$30

1 Cost of private laboratory analysis is extra

Urological examinations 
Bladder scan$59
Bundle: Uroflowmetry + Bladder scan$89
Urodynamic study (UDS)$999
Injection (corticosteroids)$99
Lumbar block performed by neurosurgeon$499
Women's health 
IUD removal$59
IUD insertion$399 2

2 Includes appointment fee

COVID-19 Serology Testing
(for the detection of antibodies to SARS-Cov-2)
PCR COVID-19 Testing$199

Excludes appointment fee

The ideal plan

Accessible, flexible, hassle-free health care

Cliniques Médicales Lacroix offer you a wide range of medical services tailored to your specific needs and those of your loved ones. Whether you live alone or have a big family, our annual plans provide you with access to the clinic that takes your specific reality into account. Interchangeable appointments with family members, specialized medicine, flu vaccination, and access to a family doctor within 24h. Find the right plan for you!


Please note that private medical services are tax-free and that Cliniques Médicales Lacroix charge no file opening or administrative fees.

* Note that at any time it is possible for you to exchange two (2) family medicine consultations for a complete health check-up or an emergency consultation in telemedicine 24/7 (outside opening hours).

** Formula valid for one year from the date of membership


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