Private General Surgery

A Wide Range Of Surgeries Under the Same Roof

The general surgery department of the Lacroix network allows our customers to benefit from numerous surgeries to treat ailments affecting the abdominal cavity, skin, soft tissues and more. All in a high-end, serene environment at the cutting edge of technology.



What is general surgery?


General surgery is a surgical specialization. She specializes in procedures affecting the components of the abdominal cavity and the digestive system, but also affects a wide variety of organs and systems such as the skin, breasts, endocrine system and soft tissues in general.

Dr Lirette

Surgeries offered in general surgery in our operating room in Laval

Surgeries offered in the operating room

• Hemorrhoid ligation;
• Open hernia treatment (inguinal, umbilical and incisional);
• Open recurrent hernia treatment (inguinal and umbilical);
• Cure of hernia by laparoscopy (inguinal, umbilical and incisional);
• Cure of recurrent hernia by laparoscopy (inguinal, umbilical and incisional);
• Bilateral open hernia treatment;
• Bilateral hernia cure by laparoscopy;
• Anal examination under anesthesia;
• Surgery for hemorrhoids, marisques or anal polyp;
• Pilonidal sinus surgery;
• Anal fistula surgery;
• Laparoscopic cholescystectomy (gall bladder);
• Breast surgery – Drainage of breast abscess;
• Breast surgery – Incisional or excisional biopsy for benign lesion;
• Breast surgery – Benign mass;
• Radical onycectomy (matrix excision);
• Foreign body excision
• Excision of various skin lesions (2 to 5cm) under general anesthesia;
• Excision of various skin lesions (more than 5cm) under general anesthesia



Lacroix’s network works with several private laboratories for sample analysis in order to ensure that companies or individuals can get their results within 48 hours following their blood sample.

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