Oncology service in private clinic

Let’s talk about cancer.

Cancer is one of the greatest plagues of our species. It is estimated that up to one in two Canadians will have to fight one in their lifetime. Now, science is advancing to such an extent that many cancers are no longer a condemnation. One of the most important steps in the fight against cancer is to find it at an early stage, before it can spread. Whether it is to support you in your fight against cancer, to investigate a possible recurrence, or if you have concerns related to symptoms or a genetic predisposition, you can now consult in private oncology with complete peace of mind at Lacroix.


Note that no medical prescription is required to make an appointment with our specialists.





The network of clinics of the Lacroix Medical Group works with several private laboratories for the analysis of specimens in order to allow companies or individuals to obtain results within 48 working hours following the sample.

The Lacroix experience in private oncology


At Lacroix, our philosophy is that the doctor should be able to take the time with each patient. This approach favors support and rigorous monitoring. Seeing a doctor is often a time of great vulnerability – especially when it comes to cancer – and in our private clinics, everything is done to ensure that our patients have a calm, reassuring experience in complete privacy. You are not a number and with us you will be treated the way you deserve to be: as a human being.


Dr. Sylvie Vass, oncologist


A medical graduate from the University of Sherbrooke with residencies in radiation oncology at the University of Montreal and the University of Toronto, Dr. Vass has chosen a profession that requires great strength of character, cancer rarely being a disease easy to take care of. Since 1989, Dr. Vass has diagnosed, evaluated and treated cancer in thousands of patients at the Chicoutimi hospital. She was head of the radiation oncology department, lecturer, member of numerous professional committees and has trained several medical students. Her expertise is a valuable asset to customers of the Lacroix network.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Dr. Vass does not cover hematologic cancer and childhood cancer. Also, we do not have the staff and the infrastructure necessary for the Lacroix clinics to perform intravenous treatments on site.

Cases treated in oncology at Lacroix

The oncologist will first study the patient’s file before seeing it in consultation (this reading is included in the consultation fee). Then she will be able to receive you. Note that to help you better, you may be asked for medical test results, such as magnetic resonance, x-rays, or lab tests, depending on the problem. The services offered in oncology at Lacroix include, but are not limited to:


  • Psychological support;
  • Development of a treatment plan;
  • Inform the patient and his family about a treatment;
  • Investigation to prevent recurrence;
  • Investigation to prevent cancer in cases of genetic predisposition;
  • Investigation for any worrying symptoms;
  • Pain treatment service;
  • Treatment service to reduce the undesirable symptoms associated with cancer treatment;
  • Etc.

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