lumbar infiltration, facet block

Lumbar infiltrations, Facet Block

with Dr Roland Pouchol, anesthesiologist

Born in Nice, France, Dr Pouchol completed his pre-doctoral medical studies at the University Hospital of Nice. He then specialized in anesthesia and intensive care at Caen University Hospital. Intensive care anesthetist since 2011, he has been living in Quebec since 2013.

He has practiced in different establishments and has held multiple positions on the executive committees of physicians, has been head of the medical department in all the establishments where he has practiced, and finally served as deputy director of professional services more recently.

He was thus able to implement his sense of dedication and commitment to the service of organization, quality and excellence, and it is only natural that he wishes to share everything within the Lacroix group.

He practices as an anesthetist and in pain medicine, meeting patients in consultation and performing infiltrations.


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Pathologies treated

Lombar pain (backache, lower back pain), sciatica pain, pain management

For all interventions in the operating room, a consultation with the doctor must take place beforehand if you do not already have a request from your/a doctor.

Under ultrasound

  • Lumbar infiltration of the facet block type (drug injection – cortisone and xylocaine – at the articular facets of the spine level)
  • Epidural type lumbar infiltration (for lumbosciatalgia)