Echoguided infiltration, facet block

Echoguided infiltrations, Facet Block

with Dr Vincent Lecluyse, anesthesiologist

Dr Vincent Lecluyse is an anesthesiologist specializing in the management of chronic pain and musculoskeletal infiltrations, in addition to providing perioperative anesthesia care. He graduated from the University of Montreal (Medicine), the University of Sherbrooke (Anesthesiology), and has additional training in chronic pain management.


In order to provide high-quality care, Dr. Lecluyse prioritizes the use of ultrasound guidance for performing infiltration procedures. This ensures greater precision and safety compared to traditional injection techniques, while avoiding radiation exposure associated with X-ray approaches.


Dr. Lecluyse offers pain management consultation services. He can evaluate your painful condition, suggest the most effective pharmacological regimens, and perform relevant therapeutic infiltrations. He provides a wide variety of infiltrations, both for the spine (facet block, epidural) and peripheral joints (pelvis, hip, shoulder, knee, ankle) to relieve various painful conditions such as disc herniations, nerve compressions, osteoarthritis, or bursitis.


He practices as an anesthesiologist and in pain medicine, with availability to meet consultation and infiltration needs.


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Pathologies treated

Lombar pain (backache, lower back pain), sciatica pain, peripheral joints, pain management

For all interventions in the operating room, a consultation with the doctor must take place beforehand if you do not already have a request from your/a doctor.

Under ultrasound

  • Lumbar infiltration of the facet block type (drug injection – cortisone and xylocaine – at the articular facets of the spine level)
  • Epidural type lumbar infiltration (for lumbosciatalgia)
  • Peripheral Joints : pelvis, hip, shoulder, knee, ankle